Broaden your network. Strengthen your competencies. Build your confidence.

Establishing reciprocal relationships that provide value

Mentoring is a beneficial relationship for all that participate, providing results that will help you deepen and broaden your network in the industry, build your competencies and confidence, as well as gain leadership skills. Being in a mentor/mentee relationship also allows you to share knowledge, builds skills, increase employee engagement and develop connectivity.

We have partnered with MentorCity, a free online mentoring matching program, to bring you our new Mentoring Initiative.

About the program.

  • First, decide if you would like to be a mentor, mentee or both.
  • Next, decide on your desired meeting format, frequency of meetings, availability, length of meetings and length of relationships.
  • Then the program will match you with a mentoring partner. You will find yourself getting and giving guidance in a supporting relationship that matches your time and interest.
  • We just make it easy to find the right mentor/mentee for you.
Jacquie Ediger

—Jacquie Ediger

Pro Citrus Network

Mentoring is a win-win for all that participate. As a mentee you get one on one time from someone that wants to help and support you to success. As a mentor you get the opportunity to give back to our dynamic industry and also learn a lot from the experience as well."

Jill Overdorf

—M. Jill Overdorf

Naturipe Farms, LLC.

By participating in the new Mentoring Initiative, people in the produce industry have a shining opportunity to get involved with their extended community by both teaching and learning… This is an incredible opportunity to build meaningful and enriching relationships across industry sectors."