Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship


The Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to honor Tyler Phipps, senior director of sourcing for Market Fresh Produce, who passed away suddenly in 2015. A portion of the funds is set aside annually to provide an opportunity for an industry executive to attend the Executive Leadership Exchange.  

Learn more about the Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund and how you can get involved here.

Application deadline for 2018 scholarship is March 19, 2018.  

Scholarship Recipients

Alberto Diaz

Alberto Diaz

2017 Recipient - Spring Valley Fruits

"It is an invaluable opportunity to acquire knowledge related to the strategy, culture and talent of successful organizations based on their experience. It is definitely a motivation to grow personally and professionally so that I can convey what I have learned to my team of collaborators."

Gina Vagino

Gina Vagnino

2016 Recipient - SDA Packaging

"As the first recipient of the Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship, I am very grateful for the opportunity that was granted to me. After attending the Executive Leadership Symposium, I can safely say, I will be attending the future events. Though I have spent many years as an executive, I am finishing my first year in produce. This was a great opportunity to meet many who have spent their career in the industry. I look forward to becoming a fixture within the produce community."