saturday, july 25, 2020 | monterey, CA USA

Join us for the 10th Annual CGT 5K Race for Talent!   The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail provides a the perfect backdrop for this event! Runners and walkers alike will take in the stunning views along this 3.1 mile course carved from the historic trail. Join old friends and meet new while making a difference! This race includes a performance t-shirt, a race bag full of goodies, continental breakfast with coffee and juices, and a guaranteed fun time by all.

Individual awards for top three overall male and female finishers and top two finishers in each age group will be handed out during the post event awards ceremony. For the annual team competition, there will be winners for Best Team Spirit, Best Team Attire and Largest Team to Register.

New Start Location this Year:  The East Depot Lot, 285 Figueroa Street, Monterey, CA
Located right next door to the Dust Bowl Brewing Company, located at 290 Figueroa Street, Monterey, CA
(Just a short walk from the Portola and the Marriott)|


Race Start: 6:30 a.m.
Award Ceremony: 7:30 a.m.
Registration Information:

  • Fees:
  • $40.00 per person if registered by July 17 at 12:00 am EST
  • $45.00 per person if registered after July 17, if available
    Space is limited to first 500 runners. No Refunds. Substitutions accepted.

Packet Pick-up:  Stop by the Monterey Conference Center, on Friday, July 24 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to pick up your race-wear. Feel the satisfaction of the finish! Sign up today!

Not a morning person? Won’t be in town? This option is perfect for you!
Join the Sleep in Virtual Run. You can run anytime, anywhere or, ... sleep in and don’t run at all!
Sign up here to be a part of it. There are no commitments and you will still feel great about supporting our mission.

All proceeds support our mission to attract, develop and retain talent for the global produce and floral industry.

Team Competition

Get your team ready to compete

Gather your co-workers then design your team t-shirt, bring your company mascot or chant your company motto. Just show your company pride for a chance to win Best Team Spirit, Best Team Attire and Largest Team to Register. 

2019 Race Results

Team Competition Awards

  • Best Team Attire:  Destiny Packaging
  • Best Team Spirit:  Idaho Potato Commission
  • Largest Team to Register: Tanimura & Antle

Overall Award Winners

Top Overall Men

  1.  Jason Reed | 17:44
  2.  Jonathan Soriano | Tanimura & Antle | 19:13
  3.  Francisco Hernandez | Tanimura & Antle | 20:05

Top Overall Women

  1.  Cassidy Taylor | Produce Marketing Association | 20:02
  2.  Sandra Griffith | PRO*ACT | 23:28
  3.  Jordan D'Aurio | Tanimura & Antle | 24:03

Overall Results

2019 Race Results

Past Results

Course Records - Male

Place Name
Elapsed Age Gender Company Year
 1 Alex Adams
 0:17:00  17  M  Pro*Act  2012
 2 Jason Reed  0:17:11  40  M
 3 Suresh DeCosta
 0:17:50  44  M  Lipman  2017

course Records - Female

Place Name Elapsed

Company Year
 1 Ashley New
 C.H. Robinson
 2 Stacy Ward

 Coastal Sunbelt
 3Cassidy Taylor  0:20:02   PMA