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This exclusive networking opportunity brings together a select group of executives for pragmatic discussions about today’s critical business impacts and informed assessments of ‘what’s next’. Hosted by Walmart’s Shawn Baldwin, SVP – Fresh Hispanic Initiative, and Mikel Hancock, Sr. Director – Merchandising Produce & Floral, the 2018 program provided the opportunity for participants to gain knowledge and insight needed to ignite growth in themselves, their people and their organizations.

The 2019 ELE will leave senior executives with clarity in their priorities, content to drive innovation to encourage strategic growth and information on building corporate cultures of success. If you have a commitment to leading innovation and positive change within your company, while exploring your concerns with your peers, email Alicia Calhoun or call her directly at +1 (302) 607-2157 to ensure you receive additional details as they are available. 

Rachel Montoya

Rachel Montoya

Former CFO, Sambrailo Packaging

"The Executive Leadership Exchange was an awesome opportunity to step away from the day-to-day and look at our business and industry from another perspective. I was able to apply the tidbits I walked away with as soon as I was back in the office — both personally and professionally."