According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mid-level managers numbered 10.8 million in the U.S. in 2012. In a recent Wall Street Journal special three-part series, experts say that mid-level managers are an essential layer in any company, turning top-line strategy into day-to-day action.

There is no denying the critical role that managers play in the success of fresh produce and floral companies today. This conference is specifically designed for attendees to learn new concepts and mindsets and then put them to work.

Attendees will benefit from an intense one-and-a-half days of learning, networking and hands-on exercises to test their skills, expand their thinking and push them to tackle business challenges from a more strategic point of view.

Participants will not only build new relationships across the supply chain but they will learn from a unique combination of educational sessions and small group exercises that focus on topics such as

  • macro trends
  • business acumen
  • horizontal and vertical management
  • driving creativity
  • team leadership and more
If you are an ascending leader, position yourself for greater stability and proficiency in your career. And senior leaders, if you understand the importance of developing your team's skills and enriching your leadership pipeline, don’t let them miss this opportunity!

Who Should Attend?

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