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Past Webinars

Strategic Marketing for Produce & Floral

Presenter:Lauren M. Scott, CMO, Produce Marketing Association

What is marketing? We are all familiar with the term, but what does it really mean? In this webinar, we will begin to better define marketing and how it presents itself in our industry. PMA’s CMO, Lauren M. Scott, will define what marketing can be in the produce and floral industries, review the different facets of the function and share how you can start to use strategic marketing to grow your business.

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El impacto de Presidente Trump en el comercio internacional

Presentadora: Alice Gomez, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Donald Trump empezó su mandato como el presidente numero 45 de los Estados Unidos en enero. Casi siempre, los primeros 100 días de una nueva administración marcan el rumbo para los próximos cuatro años. ¿Cómo ha afectado la administración de Trump a las empresas que buscan exportar sus productos a los Estados Unidos? ¿Cómo cambiará la política de comercio, inmigración y reglamentos de EE.UU.? En este seminario web, Alice Gómez de Cornerstone Government Affairs, presentará lo que ha ocurrido en los primeros meses y los efectos que las órdenes ejecutivas y otras decisiones políticas pueden tener sobre las importaciones y exportaciones entre México, Canadá y Estados Unidos.

Growing Global Markets: Opportunities and Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World

Host: Richard Owen, VP, Global Business Development, Produce Marketing Association

The produce market continues to become more interconnected and global in nature. Consumers are no longer content with seasonal availability; they want products available year-round! Richard Owen, VP Global Business Development with PMA, will address the great opportunities that international trade holds and some of the barriers you and your company may encounter along the way.

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Host: Kathy Means, VP, Industry Relations, PMA and Hunt Shipman, Cornerstone Government Affairs

"What does public policy mean for me and how can I can involved?" With government policy being in the forefront of the news these days, many of us are left asking ourselves these very questions. In this webinar, Kathy Means and Hunt Shipman will go beyond what we normally think of when we hear policy and dive deeper into 'how' and 'why' it is important for you and your company. They share some ways for you to be engaged: from voting to running for office, and everything in between. Learn how and why you should pay more attention to policy. 

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Host: Stacy Blake-Beard, PhD

A successful mentor/mentee relationship should be beneficial to all involved. In this webinar learn how your knowledge, experience, network contacts and cultural know-how can be used to have a productive and effective relationship that encourages ongoing support and encouragement.


Host: Joan Craig, Executive Career Coach

Joan will take you through the steps used in developing your leadership plan. She will talk about the inclusion of personal assessment, identifying your current leadership skills as well as setting and assessing your goals with a supervisor. She will talk about how to find the leadership development programs that fit your needs. Throughout participants will gain a solid understanding of the importance of planning, communication, and accountability that will lead to your success.

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Hosts: Brock Nemecek and Mackenzie Michel, DMA Solutions

Brock and Mackenzie shared basic strategies that will help make the most of time spent at a Trade Show. They discussed preparation prior to attending, allocating your time while in attendance, working the trade show floor, customer meetings and networking events. They mixed in some networking 101 that can be used throughout your career.

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