We are launching a series of tools to help you define and shape the conditions that result in a compelling employee value proposition.  We know that a company's most valuable asset is its people. This critical resource requires proactive management and attention. We encourage you to utilize the resources we offer to help move your company's human resources from foundational to transformational. 

Three areas of focus:

  • HRvest | HR Maturity Self Assessment - a personalized tool, including discussion guides, to help influence, provide insights and possibilities to improve your company's competitive advantage
  • Thought Leadership - series of articles published regularly that tie to current HR and industry trends; including overarching insights from HRvest, the self assessment tool
  • HR Community - forum for group consulting among HR leaders within the industry to improve the capacity of their organization and move the industry forward

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Dwight Ferguson CEO, Naturipe Farms

Dwight Ferguson

CEO, Naturipe Farms

We at Naturipe Farms see a real value for assessing our strategies to build even better HR practices and HRvest is a great tool to do so. The talent market is tighter than ever and we have to have a “never-finished” attitude in order to remain competitive to attract and retain the talent we need.

Sudeshna Nambiar

Sudeshna Nambiar

Lakeside Produce

“Lakeside Produce is growing at an ever-increasing rate and one of our biggest challenges is to find – and keep – top talent to support that growth. We see HRvest as powerful tool to see where there are opportunities to build an even more strategic HR program to facilitate our efforts.”

thought leadership

Read about the "burning platform" and how it affects your bottom line

Yesterday’s HR habits won’t work tomorrow

This article originally appeared in The Packer and is reprinted here with permission. Copyright 2018, The Packer. Finding and retaining good talent matters to the fresh produce and floral industry now more than ever. Odds are your boomer-centric benefits programs don’t appeal to millennials’ very different values and work styles. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Forbes reports 90% of college-educated millennials plan to leave their employers within three years.

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Women are good for our businesses

This article originally appeared in The Packer and is reprinted here with permission. Copyright 2018, The Packer. The fresh produce and floral industries face an uphill battle to attract, develop and retain the talent needed to not only survive but also to thrive in the future. We struggle to compete with sexier, better-known industries for talent.

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The role HR must play to retain your best talent

To retain top talent, companies need to be bold, focused and strategic with how well they define and optimize the people value for the business.

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Driving growth by moving through HR maturity

When it comes to Human Resources, being more strategic can help propel a company forward. Developing strategic capabilities will help your company grow by identifying opportunities to support business objectives in consequential ways, enhancing work experiences that engage – and retain -- people and ultimately allow you to become stronger and more competitive.

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How strategic HR can change the game

Our business challenges require a focused, strategic approach to designing programs that attract, develop and retain the right people with the right skills to address these opportunities head on, and move the business forward.

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