Our Mission

Meet our industry's unique talent needs

We were founded in 2005 as a charitable organization whose mission is to provide industry-specific solutions to attract, develop and retain talent. 

Core Strategies

At the heart of what we do and what we aspire to achieve

  • The best and the brightest see us as the “industry of choice,” a great place for a fulfilling career
  • Best practices for the “people side” of our businesses are commonplace
  • Our businesses grow because we attract and employ the finest talent
  • We are able to face future challenges with confidence because we have the right people solving the toughest problems
  • Businesses of all sizes, and in all places, prosper generation after generation
Attract Develop Retain
Marty Craner - Volunteering  with the Center for Growing Talent by PMA
Rick Harris - Volunteering with CGT

Meet The Team

Our passion and expertise are moving us forward

2017-2018 BOD

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors plays a critical role in developing our strategic plan and ensuring that we are able to meet the ambitious goals we set for ourselves.

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2017-2018 FRC

Fundraising Committee

Our Fundraising Committee is vital in our efforts to raise charitable dollars that fund innovative and exciting talent solutions now and into the future.

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Talent Development Steering Committee

Talent Development Steering Committee

Our Talent Development Steering Committee guides the development and implementation of programs designed to attract, develop and retain talent for the global produce and floral industry. 

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Advisory Group

Advisory Committees

Our advisory committees, Joe Nucci Memorial Golf and Women's Fresh Perspectives, provide critical oversight and share best practices.

Career Ambassadors

Career Ambassadors

Serving as mentors to university students at industry events, our Career Pathways participants benefit from their experiences and your passion for the industry.

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Business men and women sitting in chairs but only visible from the neck down.


We are a highly committed staff who are eager to hear from you, so send us a message. You are important to us. 

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Our History

Explore our history of success

Over the past 10 years, we have evolved to a continuum of support for talent across the entire supply chain for companies of all sizes. View our timeline to explore our key milestones from our first program to the present day.

October 2004
Pack Family Career Pathways program debuts at PMA's Fresh Summit
November 2005
PMA Board approved creation of the PMA Education Foundation to address the talent issues of the industry
December 2005
PMA Education Foundation incorporated in the state of Delaware
PMA pledges $500,000 to launch the PMA Education Foundation
June 2006
Officially recognized as a charitable organization by the IRS securing tax exempt 501(c)3 status
July 2006
Career Pathways program initiated at PMA's Foodservice Conference
October 2006
Inaugural PMA Education Foundation Board of Directors takes office
January 2008
Launch of the Capital Campaign: Our Industry ... Our people Campaign
PMA Education Foundation becomes PMA Foundation for Industry Talent
July 2008
Career Pathways program expands to Fresh Produce & Floral Council
January 2009
Leadership Symposium becomes PMA Foundation for Industry Talent program
April 2009
Career Pathways program expands to New England Produce Council (NEPC)
December 2009 First Young Professionals reception held at PMA's Fresh Summit
June 2011 Inaugural Emerging Leaders Program held in conjunction with the Thunderbird School of Global Management
December 2011
Presented first Young Professionals Webinar
September 2012
Career Pathways program launches with Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association (FFVA)
March 2013 The First Joe Stubbs Scholarship is awarded to a young professional to attend PMA's Foodservice Conference
April 2013
Inaugural Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference held in conjunction with Simmons School of Management
Career Pathways program Launches new program with Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA)
December 2013
Inaugural High Performance Management Conference
May 2015
Career Pathways program launches new program with PMA Tech Knowledge
February 2016
PMA Foundation for Industry Talent launches new name: Center for Growing Talent and begins its 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
September 2017 Inaugural Executive Leadership Exchange
November 2017  Inaugural Immersion Academy